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Blackjack Variant: Bonus Blackjack

One of the many blackjack variations being played online is called bonus blackjack. This blackjack variant is played with two card decks and the objective is to beat the dealer's card total without exceeding the sum of 21. It's a variant that follows conventional rules with a few deviations that make it fun and interesting. More specifically, there is a bonus factor involved and these are big bonuses indeed! So what are the bonuses in bonus blackjack?

The bonus factor in bonus blackjack comes into effect when players place a special wager on what their initial two cards will be. So unless this special jackpot wager is made, players will only be playing the game where traditional rules apply.

Players want a natural 21 and what they want most is to get an ace of spades and a jack of spades because that's the biggest bonus payout in the game. If a player makes a special jackpot wager and gets this ultimate bonus combination, they will get paid 50 to one on the bet!

Of course, the bonus factor in this blackjack variant is not restricted to the natural ace of spades and jack of spades. If a player makes a special jackpot wager and they get any other natural ace and jack combination, they will win 25 to one on their special wager.

Other than what's mentioned above, the other natural combination that also wins a bonus is suited (that's cards with the same suit) naturals. Unsuited naturals, except for a jack and ace, only win the conventional three to two payout.

Let's say you wager on the jackpot and you get an ace of diamonds and a queen of diamonds. Since you've got a suited natural, you will be paid five to one on your special wager! But let's say that your queen was a club, you' will receive winnings that's three to two on your special bet in accordance with the traditional game.

So, apart from the bonus factor in this blackjack variant, the game pretty much follows the same procedure with the conventional game. But if you're into more excitement and big pay-offs, bonus blackjack is definitely the game for you. With a 50 to one payout on an ace-jack of spades, a 25 to one payout on any other ace-jack combo and with a five to one payout on any suited natural 21, more excitement is definitely involved when you play bonus blackjack.


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