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Blackjack 101

The game of blackjack, also known as twenty-one is a card game where the main objective of the player is to achieve a total of 21 to win in the game.

In the event that no one gets a total of 21, the player that is nearest to the total of 21 will win in the game. But the card value of the player must not surpassed 21 because they will automatically lose the game.

The same rules are used in online blackjack. The only difference is that players do not need to go in land-based casino and can just play in their own homes. There are different examples of blackjack, which are basically named after their place of origin.

Although there is a simple way on how to play online blackjack, the rules and regulations may differ on where the land-based casino or online casino is made.

Blackjack is usually made of two to eight blackjack players who play at the online table of the game. One of these eight players is the dealer.

The dealer is usually represented by a bot in an online game. The dealer shuffles the card deck and gives a pair of cards to all of them. The remaining cards in the deck are put in the shoe.

Each of the player then look in their cards without letting the other players see it. But the cards of the dealer remain in a face down position. If one of the cards of the player is an ace, it can be shown to other players in the game to give them the option if they want to surrender or not.

The two to ten cards are has a value the same as their face value. The Kings, Jacks and Queens are worth 10. The Ace card is worth eleven or one depending on the situation. A natural blackjack happens when the player gets a 21 with their first pair of cards.

It can be a pair of cards with a total number of 21 or an ace card pair with a Jack of Spades or a Jack of Clubs. Upon accepting their pair of cards and knowing its value, a player can now choose on what will be their next option will be. The can deal, stand, double-down or choose any option in the game.

Players can also ask as many cards as they needed but they must not exceed the total of 21. In an online blackjack game, if the player chooses to click the stand button, it only means that the player is satisfied with their cards and that the player will just wait for the other players and the dealer to deal their cards.

If the player chooses the double down, he then chooses to double the amount they wager in exchange for a card hit. But after getting another card, the player will not be allowed to hit again.

The player can also choose to split, which allows the player to divide their hand and group it in pairs. If the player chooses to deal, it only means that the player is ready to lay down their cards and compare the cards value to the cards of the dealer to determine the winner.

If the player thinks they have no chance on winning against the dealer because their cards total number is low, the player can choose to surrender. By choosing to surrender, the player only looses half of their wager.

The player can also get insurance by getting 50% percent of their wager. By getting insurance, the player will not lose or win in the game but he will receive the same amount of money that they wagered at the start of the game.

The winner will get 100% percent equivalent of their wager while a winner in blackjack will receive more receive more than 150% percent of the money they put in the pot.


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