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Blackjack Hand Signals

Knowing blackjack hand signals are just as important as knowing how to play the game and its array of rules. It would be no surprise that almost all of the moves or decisions a player may want to do can be communicated to the dealer through hand signals.

It is very important that players are aware of how hand signals are used in a game. We can say that they add convenience and style to the game. We will also observe that other card games also have their own hand signals.

In blackjack the hand signals will vary depending on the game being played. What hand signals can be used depends on the number of decks that are used in a game and whether a player has his cards lying on the blackjack table or holding them in one of his hands.

We will discuss the hand signals in a face up game first. In a face up game the cards will be dealt with the faces up. Blackjack etiquette holds that when the cards are dealt face up players are not allowed to touch the cards.

Here are the different decisions a player can make in a game of blackjack in a face up game with the corresponding hand signals.

When hitting players only need to point at their cards.

If a player decides to stand all he needs to do is to wave his hand over his cards. The hand, to some extent, is parallel to the table.

When doubling or splitting, players would place an additional bet. This additional bet should be placed next to the original bet and not on top of it. In case a player gets a couple of fours or fives, he also holds two fingers up for splitting and only one finger for doubling.

Here now are the hand signals for a face down game.

For a hit, the hand signal would be simply a scrape on the table with a hand. Of course this is to be done gently.

For a stand, all a player needs to do is to place his cards underneath his bet.

When doubling or splitting the hand signal would simply be a turn of the cards face up then the player would place a second bet right next to the original bet.

Here are the hand signals when playing a multi-deck blackjack game.

When a player wants to indicate that he wants a hit, he would tap his fingers on the table.

For a stand, a player will wave a hand horizontally over his cards.

Placing an equal bet to the left of the original bet is the hand signal for a double-down or split.

The hand signals vary in blackjack depending on the game being played. Players are required to learn all of these hand signals as part and parcel of the rules of the game.


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