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Important Reminders in Blackjack

As any player with a good sense, winning in the game of blackjack is hardly a matter of chance. Most of the time, players must use different strategies and concepts. But the most important and vital factor is the strategies that will be used by the player.

Players should only hit when doubling down is not allowed, players are prohibited from quitting the game even when you have announced your decision, the player's hand is eleven or less or the players hand is twelve and the casino dealer has a card hand of deuce or three.

The player also does not have any soft eighteen and the casino dealer does not have any eight or less. A player should only double down when they have an eleven and their opponents has no ace, when they have and they are not up against a ten or an ace, the player has a nine against the dealer's 3 to 6, the player has a soft hand against a 5 or 6 and a whole lot more.

Players should only stand when they have a 17 card hand total or more and when they have a total of nineteen and above in the soft hand. Players should only surrender when the dealer has a total card hand of seven and higher, the player's hand is fifteen against the 10 card hand of the dealer and the dealer's card hand is a nine, ten or eleven against the player's sixteen.

Player's should only split or divide their hands when they have two hands of the same category and splitting eight and aces. Players should not split their five and just keep it as a ten. Players might also want to observe the important characteristics of the most successful card counters in the history.

Some of these important characteristics that players can adapt are maintaining a relax air. By being relaxed, players can think clearly on what will be their next decision.

Players should increase their wager when the card deck is favorable. By placing big bets when the game is favorable, players tend to get bigger prizes.

Players must also remember to tip the dealer because it will remove suspicions by the dealer from you. It is also not advisable to get drunk while playing because it will only cloud a player's judgment.

Lastly, players must not place too much importance on their bank roll. Players can deliberately forget to place their bets or get their payout until the casino dealer informs them.


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