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Blackjack Tips to Survive in the Game

Here are some important blackjack tips for all kinds of blackjack players, whether novice or experts:

Blackjack Tip 1. Keep your personal emotions in control and don't blame the blackjack dealer for whatever losses you have in the game.

Blackjack Tip 2. Winning in a blackjack game is very possible to do. Transfer to a different blackjack table if you are losing three hands consecutively.

Blackjack Tip 3. You don't have to worry about the playing strategies of other blackjack players. Your main concern in the blackjack game is your hand and the dealer's up card. If other blackjack players are bothering you, then transfer to another blackjack table.

Blackjack Tip 4. Alcohol intake during gambling such as playing blackjack is very harmful because it will allow you to waste large amount of money even thousands of dollars.

Blackjack Tip 5. Have fix loss limits and achievable winning goals in blackjack. Learn self-discipline and stick to your limits and goals of the game.

Blackjack Tip 6. Don't wager money in blackjack that is not intended for gambling purposes. Betting the money allocated for your house rent or bill payment is definitely a very bad thing to do.

Blackjack Tip 7. Because pit workers are not tracking comps for small time players in blackjack, you have the right to ask for the comps that you deserve like free meal or some souvenir items such as a deck of cards.

Blackjack Tip 8. Making the $5 blackjack table your classroom is a very expensive way to learn the game. The best way to learn how to play blackjack for free is to visit online casinos and avail for the free blackjack games that they offer to all.

Blackjack Tip 9. If you have been playing blackjack for an hour or two and begin to feel tired doing it, then it is the right time to quit playing and do something else.

Blackjack Tip 10. Playing the fewest possible decks in blackjack will maximize your advantage over the low house edge of the game. The more decks a blackjack game have, the house edge also increases. Even if the difference is only very small, but that small percentage can affect the cost of your expenditure.

Blackjack Tip 11. Search for a blackjack table that has the following rule combinations to have a very advantageous blackjack game:

a. Single deck blackjack game b. Offer both types of surrender, early and late c. Doubling down is allowed on any two cards d. Doubling down is allowed after splitting pairs e. Multiple splitting and re-splitting of Aces are allowed f. Dealers are to stand on a soft hand of 17 g. Deep deck penetration prior to shuffling the cards

Following these blackjack tips can absolutely aid you in doing well in your blackjack game any time.


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