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Black Jack for Skeptics

Black jack winnings in casinos can be shockingly big but it's not that complicated to play. Simple Arithmetic is all there is to it. If the ability to add numbers up to 21 is there, anyone is fit to play black jack.

Even kids can try black jack to hone Math and decision-making skills, and sharpen the memory. Card counting can also make them witty. The multi-tasking in black jack can help them sharpen over-all acuity.

Black jack card counting means cards already out and played gives one a good hint of what cards are still in the dealer's hand - -plain deductive reasoning. Black jack players then have a safe idea of what cards to expect next; this makes for a sound black jack betting conclusion.

The game was said to have originated in France in the 1700s. In French it's "Vingt et un." But Italians are said to be clamoring for a "hit" (in black jack, to draw another card for a better hand) to claim it their own. They're said to be willing to "double down" (or double the bet) or "spilt" (another term for doubling the wager for first cards in a new hand) to get the French to a "stand" (take no more cards) and "surrender" (forfeit the bet).

Well, anybody with claims over black jack better be careful or high hands might turn out a "bust" (cards with sum higher than 21) and lose out in the end.

But traditionally down the generations, it has been known as a French card game.

Black jack wasn't that popular in the US in its early years. So different perks were introduced just to keep casino gamblers playing it. Like, say, an outrageous 10:1 payout---a dollar wins $10, for instance. A perk of 3:2 was also popular. This was a two-card 21 (just two cards summing to 21) or a "black jack," everything being in black (clover or spade). So that became its name.

As the game became known the perks disappeared. And black jack also gradually included other face cards (jacks, queens, kings) not in black. It could be a diamond or heart. Aces have always been either a one or an 11---whatever suits a player's needs. The rest of the cards are read as they are.

Black jack is for everybody, adult or younger, veteran wager or mere fun seeker. As long as one feels lucky and can add up to 21---the game is sure to be fun.


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